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Promotional Video for Pet2Give App

The Pet2Give App was designed to give users a fun way to give back to charity, with just the swipe of a finger. However, the users wasn’t quite sure how to use the app.

Goal: This video was designed to show the audience how to utilize the new app and how to share it on their social media networks.


My promo video for West Michigan Film and Video Alliance

Bully Video w/ Mayor George Heartwell-Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids is a Zero Tolerance community on bullying

DSCN0520[1]For this project,  I developed and implemented a marketing strategy that included a collaboration with  Mayor George Heartwell-City of Grand Rapids to create a “West MI Bully Video”. Mayor George Heartwell professed, “Grand Rapids, is a zero tolerance community for bullying.” The video had an interesting spin because it also brought a religious perspective.  Please watch the video and leave your comments, I know you will enjoy!

:30 Second Commercials to promote your brand

Develop and conceptualize Small Business and Non-Profits

A Teaser/Commercial video was an excellent vehicle used to promote WMGMC online.   I helped WMGMC conceptualize their idea. The purpose of this teaser video was to show their potential donors and sponsors the quality of their shows and the size audience they could reach.