About Rolanda

My Career

JRS_0370xRolanda is a Marketing Specialist at Georgia Institute of Technology. In this role, she creates, implements and oversees communications for Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (Ei2’s) MBDA Business Center-Atlanta, a  program that provides support to minority owned Georgia based enterprises.

Responsible for designing,creating, and delivering marketing programs to support the growth and expansion of company products and services she develops presentations and provides reports based on information collected such as marketing trends, competition, new products, and pricing.

Prior to Georgia Tech, Rolanda worked with the local government in Grand Rapids, Michigan and as a Social Media Marketing Coordinator managing large scale social media accounts (averaging 5 Million+ followers) including initiatives with Breast Cancer Awareness and Animal Rescue.  Rolanda holds an MBA with a marketing background that is extensive and ever evolving in the radio, internet and television advertising arena.

Her in-depth knowledge of multi-media marketing and videography awarded her the opportunity to work on Emmy Award winning shows and with government officials.  When she’s not working on marketing strategies, you can find her biking on the trails across the Georgia Mountains.

Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest                  Email-Marketing

Google Analytics/Adsense                                            Curate Viral Videos

Basecamp                                                                         Campaign Strategy

Blogging: WordPress/HTML                                         SalesForce

MailChimp                                                                        Adobe Suite

  1. I really thoroughly enjoyed your site. Your information was extremely helpful.

  2. I just finished watching the video, “It Gets Better W. Mich.” (twice!). Terrific! I did notice that Theresa McClellan’s name is misspelled in the video. Is there any way to fix this?

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