My most controversial yet most rewarding Assignment

Press Release 2

Read what was said about my work

Cara Oosterhouse

G.I.F.T. Board Member

“Rolanda Powell was brought in as marketing consultant in the final planning stages for our major marketing campaign to give the project the final professional boost to be as effective as possible.

In a very short time, she created a comprehensive media and marketing strategy for Gays In Faith Together’s Gay Christian? Yes! Campaign.

She presented the executive board with a written roadmap for marketing and media including a cohesive video, email, web and social media plan for campaign’s early days and long range plans to maximize the campaign’s initial excitement.  Her presentation to the executive committee was enhanced by the PowerPoint presentation she put together for us.  She also proposed ways to solicit funds to shore up some underfunded campaign portions. In addition she shot and edited video for our website.

On CameraDuring her contract with us, she played a key role helping the executive planning committee so they

would have the leadership needed to implement her plan.  Rolanda also patiently worked with some

committee members for whom a global marketing strategy was difficult to understand.  She did an

excellent job creating the plan and explaining the how and why for each aspect.

The work done by the committee before hiring Rolanda was valuable, but it took her to pull the pieces together to make the campaign successful in the short- and long-term.  I would heartily recommend her to any organization needing a marketing and media plan.

I would be happy to discuss any aspects of her work on this campaign.” Cara Oosterhouse G.I.F.T. Board Member


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