A Powerful Follow-up- Handwritten Notes

At the University of North Florida, I majored in Communications: Television Production.  A lot of my undergraduate classes touched on the effects of the Media.  For example, the effects television has on children, society and violence, etc.  So early on, I learned to not only be mindful but to also limit the amount of time I spend on watching television.

Director Spike Lee labeled television as the “idiot box” and I couldn’t agree with him more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in an American time use survey, the average person spends about 2.8 hours per day watching television.

Well instead of spending 2.8 hours of watching television, I encourage my students to use that time to build upon themselves: their personal and professional goals.

As an Admissions representative, I have the opportunity to help individuals determine and uncover their goals. The biggest gap between the creation of a goal and actually accomplishing the goal is the work in-between.  The thing I love the most about being an Admissions Rep is being able to help my students verbalize their dreams.

For me, uncovering the dream is the easy part. It all starts with asking the right questions. One of my personal goals as an admissions rep is to help my students stay committed to their dream from enrollment to graduation. Perhaps, the hard part is helping  students remain committed to their dream because “life” happens.  Throughout the length of their program we find life obstacles that can range from personal relationships, work schedules, to daycare and much more.

A way to remind my student to remain committed to their goal is by writing a hand written note to my enrollments.  I prefer to send the note after enrollment largely because their goals are fresh on my mind and I can then repeat that goal in the note.

The reactions that I receive from my students are very positive. This also helps me maintain a trusting relationship with my student.  On many occasions, I have received a thank you phone call with a referral as a bonus.

I believe it’s all in the little things that confirms that you care and that they’re not just a number.







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