4 Reasons to Add Video to your Events

Multi-Cam Shoot w/ WMGMC Concert

Multi-Cam Shoot w/ WMGMC Concert

Have you ever regretted the decision to not hire  a professional videographer? Even in the day in age of videos at your finger tips with social media apps like Vine and Instagram, nothing can compare to having good audio and video of your special moments.

A quick :15 second clip, of the stage with you sitting in row 20 of the Auditorium will not capture, is only a snap shot. It will not capture the  close-up and the excitement of your kid waving to you as they walk across the stage of their 5th grade graduation.

Now that I have you full of regrets, lets apply this to your business.

Why Bother with Video?

1. Continues the conversation- Video continues the conversation long after your event is over

2. Youtube drives traffic- Placing your video on youtube will continually drive traffic to your website.

3. They stay on your site longer- You want your potential customers to view not only your video, but everything else on your site

4. More likely to fulfill your desired action- the more time they spend on your site, the more likely they  will purchase your merchandise, read about your success, and/or hire your services.


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