When Posting to Facebook: Applying the 10 to 1 Rule

Just because you use Facebook everyday doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to use facebook for your business.

Here is one useful tip.

Think 10 to 1

For every 10 post, (ten useful shareworthy & informative posts)  1 self promoting post.

Now I know  you’re thinking, is this the best way to spend my time online? YES!

You have to break through the clutter and we’re in an  age where people can (delete/hide) you!

Even though the majority of your time spent on content marketing isn’t directly related to self promotion doesn’t mean that

you aren’t using indirect marketing tactics.

In fact, its your indirect marketing that makes content marketing so Successful.

Think of it like this, every thing that you post adds value to the online experience building stronger long-lasting, trusting relationships.

I always remind my clients to keep in mind , content marketing is a Marathon not a sprint.

If you continually post share-worthy information, then people will not mind that you are offering your products, in fact they may want to buy it to support you!

I would love to hear from you. I always receive emails about how the posts were helpful to you but  maybe someone else can learn from your experience as well.

So share with the group, did you apply this technique and notice a difference?


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