Branding Sample- The National MBE Manufactures Summit

Held at Georgia Tech’s Global Learning Center, this 2- Day event has grown into a hub for leading MBE manufacturers to convene. More than 200 Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) manufacturers attended last year’s summit and that number is expected to increase at this year’s event.



Writing Sample- “How To Keep Up With the Future Manufacturing”


What does the future hold for the manufacturing industry and specifically, with minority business enterprise (MBE) manufacturers? Join leaders from BMW, Ingersoll Rand, Westrock, Grady and others on August 16, 2017  to network, discuss emerging trends and opportunities in the fast-evolving manufacturing industry.

The MBDA Business Center-Atlanta (MBC) located in Atlanta’s Technology Square — a hotbed for corporate innovation centers — will host the event, now in its second year. Held at Georgia Tech’s Global Learning Center, this event has grown into a hub for leading MBE Manufacturers to convene. More than 200 MBE manufacturers attended last year’s Summit and that number is expected to increase at this year’s event.

Time after time, we hear manufacturing must evolve. Not only is it important for the industry to incorporate well-known tools such as Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to thrive, but growth also includes a commitment to building trust and expanding transactions among diverse suppliers.

Studies show most businesses prefer to work with companies they know and trust, regardless of race or ethnicity. The National MBE Manufacturers Summit 2017 makes it possible for large corporate supply chains to build that trust with MBE manufacturers to break barriers related to network access. This event is designed to facilitate greater access to contracting opportunities for MBEs. Attendees will explore how plants, national laboratories, supply chains, and logistics are adapting and shaping the future of advanced manufacturing — and how to keep pace with the changes taking place.

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Personal Development- “Self Identity with Sedman Graham”


The Chicago Business Opportunity Fair is a two day procurement conference and trade fair dedicated to connecting minority business enterprises (MBEs) with corporate and government buying organizations.

Author, educator, entrepreneur, and “Oprah’s bae,” Stedman Graham, taught me 9 steps of self-development (1) find what I love and then center my life around it.



Marketing Highlights- from 2016 to March 2017

Data is king these days and its important for me to use analytics to get a better understanding of our customers behavior trends and how to effectively market to them. As marketing specialist, its my responsibility to ensure for designing, creating, and delivering campaigns to support the growth and expansion of the organizations services.  The time-frame below is based on MBDA program year, leading through March 2017.

Marketing Highlights


Over the past year (January 2016 to March 2017), I have increased our web engagement by 11.9%. This percentage is based on the number of returning visitors within the year.


From Jan 1, 2016 to March 21, 2017 the center website received, 7,236 first time visitors. Engagement received a 12% increase in 2016.



  • Session: Total number of Sessions within the date range. A session is the period time a user actively engaged with your website, app, etc. All usage data (Screen Views, Events, Ecommerce, etc.) is associated with a session.
  • User: Users who have initiated at least one session during the date range.
  • Pageviews: Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.
  • Pages/Session: Pages/Session (Average Page Depth) is the average number of pages viewed during a session. Repeated views of a single page are counted.
  • Session Duration: The average length of a Session.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of single-page sessions in which there was no interaction with the page. A bounced session has a duration of 0 seconds.
  • % New Sessions: An estimate of the percentage of first time visits.

Email Marketing

Our Welcome Newsletter received the highest open rate to date, with a 52.3% open rate, exceeding the industry average of 16.2%

 Welcome Email


Over the past year, I created consistent marketing collateral to help us become more recognizable to our audience.

Public Relations- Trade Shows & Event Marketing

Honored to meet Roland Martin, host of News One Now.   Here, I am behind the scenes during his interview with MBDA Business Center-Atlanta and Atlanta WEI as they discuss hot topics that are reverberating nationally. This year’s Hope Global Forums inspired me to make an even greater difference at work and in my community.

IMG_9394Roland Martin, TV One